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The Wild Atlantic Way

Discover the Wild Atlantic Way by bicycle, on foot, by kayak, with friends, family or as a time out for yourself. Whichever you choose you will hardly believe the magic that awaits you. With heart-stopping views across this mythical landscape towards a coastline carved by thousands of years of Atlantic weather, this is a place of adventure and great beauty. Added to this is all the friendly warmth, rich culture, hospitality and tradition that the west of Ireland is synonymous with. The Wild Atlantic Way brings all of this together for you in an informative, easily navigable route which is filled with surprises, hidden gems and endless discoveries

Wild Atlantic Tours are located in the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way in Connemara, Co Galway. With over 30 years of organising enchanting and memorable tours on the west coast of Ireland we are the experts in taking the hassle out of your trip and selecting the holiday that is right for you. We have used our vast experience of the tours industry and our immense knowledge of the western seaboard to select the best tour providers, locations, accommodations and activities for you. 

Come to the Wild Atlantic Way, stand and breathe in centuries of history, tradition, magic and myth and meet a people whose warm hospitality is world-renowned.

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