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We are specialists in organising the most enchanting tours in the heart of Connemara. Ours is a very personal service with exceptional attention to detail which means you will be guaranteed the best of equipment, routes, accommodation and local knowledge. We know our tours and we love them! So whether you want to meander along coastal paths or challenge yourself on the rugged hills of Connemara we will create the most magical experience for you. Likewise our accommodation, while always set in stunning locations, varies to suit your needs and your pocket. You can enjoy luxurious castle and manor hotels or spend time in a traditional Irish setting of a family-run B&B or guesthouse.

Come to our home in the westernmost point of Europe. Bask in soft rain, green mists and breath-stopping views with friends, family or for a break by yourself in this paradise of tradition. You will be nourished and cherished by everyone you meet and each place you visit along the way. This really is a special place – let us take you there!


4 August 2015

Tiffany discovers the magic of the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher

Once again, I have the opportunity during my internship to discover some new amazing place that you really have to visit, because even if the pictures are very beautiful, that’s very different from the reality.



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