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Connemara Adventure Tours has been welcoming visitors to Connemara for over 30 years with great pride and delight. We are lucky enough to have this enchanting part of the west of Ireland to work with and there is no corner of it we do not know! We live here and we work here and we could not be happier to do so. We offer a very personal service that takes care of the details and gives you the freedom to explore and discover. We also know how to melt into the background and only pop out when you need us.

We offer all levels of adventure in Connemara from a gentle meandering cycle through sheltered valleys to a day spent summiting a rugged peak overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. You are guaranteed the best of equipment, accommodation, practical support and local knowledge that will ensure a smooth and hassle-free holiday for you.

Come to our home on the westernmost coast of Europe. Bask in soft rain, green mists and breath-stopping views with friends, family or for a time out by yourself. You will be immersed in culture, history and tradition but most of all you will be welcomed with warmth and limitless hospitality.


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