Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporation

We are B Corp!

We are thrilled to announce that Connemara Adventure Tours, a proud member of the Killary Adventure Group, has just been awarded a B Corporation certification!

This is just the start though - we aim to continuously improve our sustainable practices and invite you to join us on our B Corp journey.

For more information on our future ideas, see the Killary Adventure Group READ OUR SUSTAINABILITY PLAN.

What does this mean for us and for you?
Here’s a look at some of the core pillars of the B Corp Certification and how we represent in each one:

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Environmental Stewardship:

We are all about eco-friendly adventures! Our self-guided biking and walking tours are designed to keep environmental impact to an absolute minimum. We even power our electric bikes with clean energy from our main 32kw solar farm and 6kw wind turbine. Our choice of suppliers is heavily influenced by their environmental credentials.

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Community Engagement:

We're committed to supporting and promoting local culture and economy, from employing locals to supporting traditional-style B&B accommodations that have been the centre of local economy for decades. All our activities within our tours are carefully chosen to support as many local businesses as possible. We are from Connemara and we live here every day, we want you to feel at home in our community.

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Transparency and Accountability:

We're dedicated to being clear and upfront about our environmental and social impacts both internally and within the community. We're always eager to hear new ideas on how we can better our sustainability efforts from our workers and the community around us. We installed our first wind turbine in 2004, this is not a fad but something we passionately believe in.

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Employee Wellbeing:

We’re more than just a team - we’re a family. Making sure our crew has excellent working conditions and meaningful benefits is important to us, and it's a big part of what B Corp values too. Most of us on our small team are full-timers who've either grown up in Connemara or chosen to make it our home, which makes our work even more tightly knit and community-focused. You will see when you meet them that our employees are the most important part of our business and they are a friendly bunch.
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Sustainable Business Practices:

We recycle 50% of our waste and compost 100% of our food waste on-site, supporting our local biodiversity and tree planting efforts - turning waste into growth. We embrace the reuse or recycle approach, manage our own composting, and have installed water restrictors on all taps and showers to conserve water. We prioritise eco-friendly products and support local Irish suppliers, ensuring our operations on the day to day are as green as possible.

We are delighted to showcase that adventure and sustainability can go hand in hand, hoping to lead the way for others in the adventure tourism industry.

Here's to many more adventures together!