This is where we let loose and really blow our own trumpets! There are many, many reasons to choose us (or so we think) but here are just a few:

  • We are a home-grown Irish company which has been operating in adventure tourism and hospitality in Ireland and Europe for over 30 years now.
  • Everyone associated with the company is well-travelled both at home and abroad and are true adventurers! Yet each and every one of us have chosen to come back to this remote and hauntingly beautiful part of the world to live and work and have families, because we simply love it and cannot bear to be away from it.
  • We know our tours, our accommodation providers, our drivers, our guides and we make it our business to know them. We have created relationships with these people and when it comes to routes we are forever exploring, tweaking, searching and improving because that is what we are good at and what we enjoy.
  • Ours is a personal service. We will know your names and we will not be afraid to use them. We actually do care that you have the best holiday ever and we are known for exceeding expectations. We also firmly believe that it is the little things that count and so we put a lot of effort into them. When we ask our customers for feedback, those are the things they mention again and again.
  • We may have had a little help over the years from possibly the most enchanting of landscapes which will still stop you in your tracks whether the sun is shining or it is pouring rain. The seascapes and coastline of this rugged remote area are inspiring and have drawn poets, writers, painters and dreamers for centuries. History is living all around us and the way of life and traditions of warmth and welcome have never been lost.
  • On a more practical level we will take the hassle out of your tour by looking after so much of the detail and the planning for you, but then we will also melt into the background when you are launched so that you still have the freedom and independence you want.